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So last night hubby has to go to Walmart for a few things and I jokingly tell him "Don't forget to come back with my new Monster High dolls"... well, HE DID!!! I didn't know they were out yet and imagine my surprise when he came home and handed me two new dolls! It was a joke and it turned straight into reality. XD  Well that means that I get to add Robecca Steam and Venus McFlytrap to my girls!! Honestly I knew I wanted Robecca from the first second I saw her picture but I was waffling about Venus. I love love love the colors(it don't get better than pink & green!) but every picture I saw made me unsure. I don't know... but then I saw her in person! I knew I would have never passed her up the second I saw her live. Both of these new girls are epic cool!

So first up Venus McFlytrap:
Side without hair, it's fuzzy
Other ear - one earring
Close up of her pretty face
Shoes front
Shoes Side
Close up of hand 
From the side
She longs for the sun :)

Robecca Steam:
Close up of rivets on skin
Close up of pretty face 
Boots Front
Boots side
Spinning gear on back of leg
Side of spinning gear
Glasses and top of head
Eyes are gear shaped XD
Clock purse
Outfit - the blue skirt is plastic

So new MH headcount??

Robecca, Rochelle, Ghoulia, Lagoon(1), Clawdeen, Draculaura(1)
Frankie, Desiree(CaM), Clawdette(CaM)
Cleo(3), Cleo(2), Venus
Cleo(1), Spectra, Abbey, Deuce, Firia(CaM)
Lagoona(2), Nefra, Toralei, Annabelle(CaM)
Operetta, Clawd, Draculaura(2)
24 plus The Twins, Cupid and B&W Frankie - so 28 full dolls total! (Plus at least 5 more Create a Monster sets lol)

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