OMG Look who I found!!!

Hubby came home Monday night with a new present for me!! <3 <3 A new Monster High girl!!!! <3 <3 ::SQUEE!!:: She is A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!! Welcome Rochelle Goyle, daughter of the gargoyles, into my fold! She is sooo pretty!! I just love her pink hair and her awesome ears! Her wings are removable - I think you could change them with the create a monster wings - haven't done it yet, but I might check it in the future.

Rochelle and BFF Ghoulia
Another angle
Close up of her pretty face. She looks like she could
be made from stone XD
Other ear
Side view with wing
Back view
Her awesome shoes!

Her pet Roux
Up close
Work it!!
Rochelle is just so fantastic!

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